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Monday, 25 October 2010 09:32

So, a few years ago, when we first started making slime with our little scientists, one of the boys let me know that he had made a slime snake that measured 1 metre!  Wow - from a small tub of slime to roll a snake of 1 metre seemed unbelievable.

From then on we told the boys and girls about the record and slowly but surely the record of 1 metre lengthened to 1.67 metres, then 2 metres!

Two weeks ago Michael let me know that he had rolled a slime snake that measured 4.17 metres.  We did not think that anybody could ever beat that.  

It seems like everyone wants to beat the record now and in quick succession after a party we did on Saturday at Jan-Gabriel's house, Alexander's dad let me know today that Alexander Laugksh had extended the lead to 4.25 metres.  That's astonishing.  We're waiting for the photo and as soon as it arrives, we will publish Alexander's amazing feat.

Watch out Mums and Dads, we think there are going to be a lot of slimey snakes around! 

Let us know your record and send us a pic and we will publish it right here!
Ta da! Here is Alexander's slimey snake - well done Alexander, you're our reigning Stupendous Slithering Slimey Snake Champion.
Slimey Snake
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