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How science works is the theme of  the party.  

RocketIt is a magical and wonderful introduction to science.  We really hope to foster an interest in science in young children.  Among many others, some of our experiments and demonstrations include colour change experiments, making slime (which is a really fun activity), rockets and, of course, super-exciting demonstrations with sound, dry ice and electricity that are explained  to them in a fun and interesting way.
It is quite amazing how children come up with the reasons and solutions   themselves when they are actively involved in an activity or demo and very exciting to see for us!   
We do age-appropriate interactive activities and demonstrations with the children.  Everything we do is conducted safely and we bring along safety glasses for each child to use as well as latex gloves - and although this is not necessary, it does add to the feel of being  nvolved in experiments.
Of course the birthday boy or girl gets to be our "lab assistant" for the party and does extra special things!

Conical Flask
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